Weekend Specials at Boundary Kitchen & Bar

Weekend Specials at Boundary Kitchen & Bar

Date: May 30, 2024      

Welcome to Boundary Kitchen & Bar, where we serve up delicious features every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Indulge in our mouth-watering specials, available while supplies last:

PALLETS (Avail Friday 6/7 until we sell out)

  • butterflied bbq chicken: drumsticks with jalapeƱo, lime white sauce. Lemon turmeric rice, papaya Serrano slaw
  • steak frites: salt & pepper tenderloin tips, house rosemary fries, Dijon bbq mayo
  • fried fish bun: creole remoulade, fresh tomato, house slaw, waffle fries

Join us at Boundary Kitchen & Bar for these delectable dishes and make your weekend meals unforgettable!

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