We Deliver a Unique Drink Experience Here in Pawtucket

We Deliver a Unique Drink Experience Here in Pawtucket

By: / May 11, 2023       Bookmark and Share

It goes without saying that we are one of Pawtucket’s most favorite restaurant bars and that is for very good reason. We mix a spectacular menu with an equally impressive setting, and, not least, a truly unique bar and drink experience.

Here at our Boundary Kitchen Bar, we take great pride in serving up a unique and memorable cocktail experience. We’ve compiled a long list of local favorites that we not only deliver on a daily basis but systematically improve upon based on your feedback. Our “whisky flight” experience is hugely popular even with those who do not describe themselves as whisky lovers. We’ll knock your socks off with our craft beer selection. For those of you who simply don’t partake in adult beverages, boy, do we have a laundry list of “virgin” drinks that you’ll love to learn to make at home.

One last thing. Come in and make sure you treat yourself to our bar-style seating overlooking the kitchen. If you enjoy seeing a truly professional team at work, then you’ll likely consider our kitchen-view seating as much theater as food prep.

Come by and enjoy Pawtucket’s premiere dining experience. You’ll soon be a regular.

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