Boundary Kitchen & Bar: Your Holiday Meal HQ Here in Pawtucket

Boundary Kitchen & Bar: Your Holiday Meal HQ Here in Pawtucket

Date: November 30, 2023      

Looking for the best food from burger to barbeque to Southern fried chicken at Pawtucket, RI? We got you covered. If you need a crowd-pleasing appetizer and a place to enjoy lunch or dinner worth celebrating, then this is it. We will do that and more like burgers, pizzas, salads and side dishes. From main dishes to snacks, our delicious well-crafted recipes have become family favorites and are perfect for every meal.

Boundary Kitchen’s food is a tasty, versatile solution to every occasion. We have a bar for your party needs or for special occasions. It is an amazing party and we will prepare your food according to your preference whether sauteed, baked, boiled, deep fried and air fried, or grilled. They are quick, easy, and made to please. We are serving elevated comfort food like burgers that you will get a hefty dose of protein as well as smoked BBQ. For the beverage, enjoy our amazing combination mix which is innovative and unique in which it matches with our favorite recipes every day. If you are a steak lover, we have stock up on sizzling steak cuts. We make quick and convenient meal ideas when you are short on time or just rushing in. Choose from our main menu from the pit of cured meats and the smoked pulled pork, our ⅓ lb. sweet house rub pulled pork. Other choices will be brisket, baby back ribs, and assorted sauce of your choice. Our chef’s plate is the perfect match for holidays and special occasions.

And if you are jonesing for burger patties and melts, ours will hit the spot. Enjoy eating a beautiful, righteous diet, from any of our table share selections with saucy and flavorful bacon flight, BBQ hummus and backyard BBQ tray to your heart’s delight. Here at Boundary Kitchen, the possibilities are endless!

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