A Spirited Adventure: Discovering Boundary Kitchen & Bar's House-Infused Elixirs

A Spirited Adventure: Discovering Boundary Kitchen & Bar's House-Infused Elixirs

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In the heart of culinary exploration lies the art of mixology, where spirits are transformed into liquid poetry that tantalizes the senses. At Pawtucket’s Boundary Kitchen & Bar, this artistry is taken to new heights through our meticulously crafted house-infused spirits. Embark on a journey through the world of flavors, as we delve into the captivating realm of Boundary's signature concoctions that redefine the spirit of mixology.

Here are some of our house-infused spirits:

Raspberry-Infused Vodka:

Elevating the familiar vodka to a whole new level, the Raspberry-Infused Vodka is a symphony of sweet and tart. Handpicked raspberries are infused into the vodka, creating a vibrant potion that captivates the eye and delights the palate. Sip it straight or experience it in Boundary's unique cocktails for a burst of fruity indulgence.

Banana Bourbon:

Unveiling the warm embrace of banana, the Banana Bourbon is a journey into comfort and sophistication. The deep notes of bourbon harmonize elegantly with the sweetness of banana, creating a spirit that's as versatile as it is enchanting. Enjoy it neat or relish its complexity in Boundary's expertly crafted cocktails.

Herb Infused Gin:

Herb-infused gin is a tribute to the intricate dance of flavors between the spirit's juniper base and an array of fragrant herbs.

House Infused Flights:

Flight board featuring oak wood smoked cherry bourbon, honey orange whiskey, cinnamon whiskey, banana bourbon.

Boundary Kitchen & Bar's house-infused spirits offer a gateway to a world of flavors that transcend tradition and convention. Each infusion is a testament to the craftsmanship and creativity that define the art of mixology. These elixirs are a testament to the harmonious union of spirits and ingredients.

Whether enjoyed neat or in Boundary's thoughtfully curated cocktails, these house-infused spirits promise an experience that lingers long after the last sip, inviting you to explore the boundaries of taste and indulge in the art of libation.

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